We make mushroom growing industry sustainable and mushrooms accessible by selling automated mushroom city-farms.



Turnkey mushroom farm that does not require any knowledge to run it. It can be scaled up to an industrial scale facility of >1000 m2 or down to an autonomous growing rack for a store or even to a home mushroom incubator.



50% of mushrooms is written off worldwide from the harvesting them on the farm to the consumers table. This happens due to long logistics chains and inapropreate storage regimes.

For now the demand for locally grown mushrooms exceeds the production capacties 2-3 times in Europe and US. The main factor, why the amount of producers is not growing - is lack of specialists in mycology and mushroom growing technology.


Only bringing the city-farming principle to the mushroom growing industry and placing the farms direct near the customer can reduce the amount of write offs and make the industry sustainable. And we are the only company that has a ready-to-sell product that is profitable and tested on an industrial scale.

Business model

We sell the hardware to the customers and then sell them consumables for the farm on monthly basis: mycelium and substrate.

Long-term goal of our business model is to provide the hardware to the customers for free and move all the costs to the monthly consumables sales to the farms.

Go to Market Strategy

  1. Partner with Retailers and Distributors in the region
  2. They provide the sales for the end product for our farms in exact regions. By first research in-between retail each retail chain in DACHLI region can buy over 10 tons of locally grown mushrooms per each city with a population of 50 000 people.
  3. We find customers for the farms in the regions, where the demand from retail and distributors is present
  4. We sell and startup the farm
  5. The customer (typically it will be a local farmer, who wants to diversify his product portfolio, use some of abandoned buildings of his own and gain a high marginal business) delivers the mushrooms to retail or distributor
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